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Just after Christmas I went out looking for a couple of heads for my Phosphor Bronze snares.  I love the sound of these snares, but still like my snares to have little or no ring to them.  The young man at the store gave me two heads to try.  The Ambassador X, and the Power stroke 3.  

" The Coated Powerstroke® 3 features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen high frequency overtones. This creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke 3 one of Remo’s most preferred drumheads."

The Powerstroke 3 definately took the ring away.  The snare is almost dead quite of any after noise.  This is what I was after.  Is it right for your snare to sound this way.  Well I don't know.  One thing I am learning on these drum forums is that everyone has there own idea of what is right.  To me, this sounds right.  The head may not be the most sensitive head, but it sounds great when pounded.  Most of what I play is heavier rock, so this snare works for me.  It also keeps the volume down on an already loud snare.  

In the center of the snare is a small round patch.  This gives the head a very focused sound, and will help prolong the life of the sweetspot.  It also gives it a very hard feel.  Maybe a bit too hard for my liking.  Kind of like playing on there Controlled Sound heads with the black dot in the center.  

All in all, I think the head is a great sounding head for what I play, and the sound I am looking for.  This will definately not be loved by all.  But then I should only worry about me, when it comes to my sound.  Right :)


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I recently purchased an emporerX reverse dot  for one of my Pearl snares,with being a die hard clear Emporer user in the day I thought that I would give this head a try and I must say it's great but not really what I was expecting.

Being double layerd is great for controlling overtone and ring but the dot on the underside is almost overkill but certainly adds to the durablity..akin to some of those Aquarian heads with multi layred multi ringes.Like six heads in one.Seems like this head will likely outlast the drum.



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