Netz Ausg's kit Netz Ausg's kit Recent Pic (Feb 2012) Me and my band set up 150077089 The Full beast (pre 2011) I My full set up until 2011 (before I added a 10" and removed the 13" 150077090 The Full Beast (pre 2011) II 150077091 Home practice Love the light bringing the blues out in this pic 150077092 Audition kit I auditioned for both my bands with this set up (didn't want to scare them!) 150077093 My shells (pre 10") Title says it all 150077094 Home practice kit Found a use for the extra bass drum, stock snare and unused 13" tom... 150077095 New 10" in the set up New Stardom Customer 8 x 10 rack tom. Colour match is great, sound is good - not too bad. 150077096 Rehearsals (Brew) Rehearsing with band #1 - "Brew" 150077097 Blue is back! Certain lights really bring out that midnight blue! 150077098 Brew rehearsal again... ...this time with temporary 'Franken-head' on the kick... Nasty! 150077099 Me looking serious... Rehearsing with band #2 - "Bodafire" - recent pic Feb 2012 150077100