NAMM 2013 NAMM 2013 The new Pearl Export kit. Interesting tom mounts. 173433797 A nice finish on a VBL kit. 173433798 A spectacular Reference kit in a vibrant finish. 173433799 MCX dbl bass kit. 173433800 Reference kit in a nice yellow finish. 173549501 A Saturn kit in Russ Miller's finish. 173433801 Dbl bass Saturn IV kit in a classy black finish. 174291814 One of the new Saturns in a wrap finish 175167114 Dom Famularo presenting the new Black Widow kit. 173551275 The Mapex Black Widow kit 174137503 Ludwig monster kit. 173453294 The monster, again. 173453295 The Ludwig Club Date. Lovely little kit. 173456777 Ludwig Classic Maple. 173456778 Nice retro finish on a Keystone kit. 173456779 A ProLite kit in a spectacular finish. 173549502 SQ2 kit. 173549503 SQ2 dbl bass kit. 173549504 Benny Greb kit. 174137507 A classy Gretsch anniversary edition kit. 174137504 Gretsch Renown kit in natural finish. 174137505 A really wild finish on a Peace kit 174137506 Silverstar hyperdrive kit in piano white finish. 174137508 Starclassic B/B kit in green finish. 174137509 Tama Starclassic B/B dbl bass kit. 174137510 A classy Truth kit. 174137511